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Recent Abbreviations

New Century International Middle School
Local Governance Customer Satisfaction Survey
Professional Security Officer Program
Society Of York Region Artists
Green Lake Open Water Swim
Guidance Embedded Navigator Integration Environment
International Conference on Rice Research Strategies
Commonwealth Electronic Network for Schools and Education
Swiss Institute for Translational and Entrepreneurial Medicine
Fund for Advancement of Social Studies Education
Academic & Science

Statistics, Linguistics, Psychology, Engineering, Ecology, Biotechnology, Language & Literature, Meteorology, Atmosphere, Sociology

Abbreviations of Category Academic & Science

stand for Statistics acronyms, stand for Linguistics acronyms, stand for Psychology acronyms, stand for Engineering acronyms, stand for Ecology acronyms, stand for Biotechnology acronyms, stand for Language & Literature acronyms, stand for Meteorology acronyms, stand for Atmosphere acronyms, stand for Sociology acronyms,

London Stock Exchange, NYSE Symbols, Toronto Stock Exchange, Banking, Investments, Products, Stock Exchange, Certifications & Diplomas, Marketing, Advertising

Abbreviations of Category Business

stand for London Stock Exchange acronyms, stand for NYSE Symbols acronyms, stand for Toronto Stock Exchange acronyms, stand for Banking acronyms, stand for Investments acronyms, stand for Products acronyms, stand for Stock Exchange acronyms, stand for Certifications & Diplomas acronyms, stand for Marketing acronyms, stand for Advertising acronyms,

Community, Churches, Youth, Art, Travel & Tourism, Unions, Non-Profit Organizations, Foster & Adoption, Conferences, Memorials

Abbreviations of Category Community

stand for Community acronyms, stand for Churches acronyms, stand for Youth acronyms, stand for Art acronyms, stand for Travel & Tourism acronyms, stand for Unions acronyms, stand for Non-Profit Organizations acronyms, stand for Foster & Adoption acronyms, stand for Conferences acronyms, stand for Memorials acronyms,

Assembly, Hardware, DOS Commands, Mobile, File Extensions, Computing, Drivers, Cyber & Security, Networking, Telecom

Abbreviations of Category Computing

stand for Assembly acronyms, stand for Hardware acronyms, stand for DOS Commands acronyms, stand for Mobile acronyms, stand for File Extensions acronyms, stand for Computing acronyms, stand for Drivers acronyms, stand for Cyber & Security acronyms, stand for Networking acronyms, stand for Telecom acronyms,

Navy, FDA, Governmental, Air Force, Commerce, Suppliers, Transportation, Planning, Military, Council

Abbreviations of Category Governmental

stand for Navy acronyms, stand for FDA acronyms, stand for Governmental acronyms, stand for Air Force acronyms, stand for Commerce acronyms, stand for Suppliers acronyms, stand for Transportation acronyms, stand for Planning acronyms, stand for Military acronyms, stand for Council acronyms,

Polish, Russian, Lithuanian, Spanish, German, International, Mexican, French, Thai, Turkish

Abbreviations of Category International

stand for Polish acronyms, stand for Russian acronyms, stand for Lithuanian acronyms, stand for Spanish acronyms, stand for German acronyms, stand for International acronyms, stand for Mexican acronyms, stand for French acronyms, stand for Thai acronyms, stand for Turkish acronyms,

MIME Types, Domain Names, Chat, Emoticons, Wannas, HTTP Error Codes, Twitter, ASCII Character Codes, Blogs, Internet

Abbreviations of Category Internet

stand for MIME Types acronyms, stand for Domain Names acronyms, stand for Chat acronyms, stand for Emoticons acronyms, stand for Wannas acronyms, stand for HTTP Error Codes acronyms, stand for Twitter acronyms, stand for ASCII Character Codes acronyms, stand for Blogs acronyms, stand for Internet acronyms,

Laboratory, Hospitals, Surgical, Pediatric, Pregnancy & Parenting, Psychiatry, Human Genome, Autism, Rehabilitation, Vaccine

Abbreviations of Category Medical

stand for Laboratory acronyms, stand for Hospitals acronyms, stand for Surgical acronyms, stand for Pediatric acronyms, stand for Pregnancy & Parenting acronyms, stand for Psychiatry acronyms, stand for Human Genome acronyms, stand for Autism acronyms, stand for Rehabilitation acronyms, stand for Vaccine acronyms,

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Latest abbreviations

Mt Vernon Middle School
Trans Regional Academic Credentials Evaluation
National Rural Drinking Water Programme
Opportunity Choice Healing Responsibility and Empowerment
Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler