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With advancements in technology come abbreviations for terms that otherwise may take way too long to say or explain. One of these abbreviations is AGPP, which stands for the Association of Greek Producers of Phonograms. This organization was created in response to the growing need for managing and protecting the production and distribution of phonogram recordings in Greece. In this article, we will discuss what AGPP means and how it works within the international music industry.


AGPP meaning in Greek in International

AGPP mostly used in an acronym Greek in Category International that means Association of Greek Producers of Phonograms

Shorthand: AGPP,
Full Form: Association of Greek Producers of Phonograms

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AGPP stands for "Association of Greek Producers of Phonograms". It is a non-profit organization established in 2004 with headquarters in Athens, Greece. The purpose of AGPP is to protect and manage the rights and interests of its members – producers and record labels representing over 60% of Greek production. The association works with international organizations, legal firms, copyright associations, audiovisual industries and other stakeholders in order to ensure adequate protection for producers’ rights & interests to their work across multiple media platforms including radio, television, streaming services and physical distribution outlets such as shops or online stores.

Role Of AGPP In International Music Industry

The international music industry relies upon associations such as AGPP to ensure fair compensation is paid out from digital service providers (DSP), broadcasters & other users when their members' recordings are being broadcasted or used on other public platforms domestically and internationally. Furthermore, AGPP carries out extensive research & development activities to consider new issues related to multimedia exploitation & tracks down infringements on intellectual property rights around the world on behalf of its members. It offers legal advice about copyright protection tools available in Europe as well as abroad so that those involved in the business can make wise decisions that safeguard against illegal activities pertaining to their work. Lastly, AGPP also cooperates with collecting societies abroad especially those at EU level like GEMA (Gesellschaft für musikalische Aufführungs- und mechanische Vervielfältigungsrechte) & PRS (Performing Right Society).

Essential Questions and Answers on Association of Greek Producers of Phonograms in "INTERNATIONAL»GREEK"

What is the Association of Greek Producers of Phonograms?

The Association of Greek Producers of Phonograms (AGPP) is an organization comprised of music producers and record labels that work to protect and promote the interests of the Greek music industry. By advocating for policy reforms, establishing agreements with collective management organizations, and organizing events throughout Greece, AGPP works to support local artists and grow the music market in Greece.

What does AGPP do?

AGPP works to protect and advance the interests of music producers by engaging in advocacy work, developing relationships with collective management organizations, creating promotional opportunities for local artists, and representing their members in negotiations with digital streaming services.

How can I become a member of AGPP?

To become a member of AGPP you must work as a producer or record label registered in Greece. After filling out an application form on our website you will undergo an assessment process which includes providing information such as a portfolio demonstrating professional experience in music production or a record label contract. Once accepted, members can access various benefits including industry networking events and exclusive deals with partners.

What kind of protection does AGPP provide?

AGPP provides its members with legal protections by advocating for copyright laws that are favorable to Greek producers and by providing advice related to copyright infringement cases. Additionally, AGPP offers its members advice on royalty negotiations with digital streaming services so they can maximize their revenues from online revenue streams.

How does AGPP organize events?

Through our "Live Connect" platform we organize events across Greece featuring both emerging and established artists performing live concerts at venues all over the country. This gives fans from all over Greece access to quality live experiences while providing valuable promotional opportunities for local artists.

How can I support AGPP's mission?

You can support our mission by attending our events throughout the country, participating in policy advocacy campaigns, or even just sharing news about us via social media outlets like Twitter or Facebook! Every bit helps us get one step closer to protecting producers' rights!

How does AGPP benefit music producers?

By joining forces we are able to better advocate for policies that benefit sound recording professionals while also connecting them with other industry professionals via our network platform so they have more options available when it comes to finding quality collaborators or negotiating royalty deals with digital streaming services. Also, every agreement that we establish helps provide better conditions for our members both short-termly but long-termly as well since what applies today might not apply tomorrow due to changes within the legislative framework.

Final Words:
AGPP stands for Association of Greek Producers of Phonograms – an organization dedicated to protecting & managing the rights & interests of its members across multimedia platforms worldwide. It also provides legal advice about copyright protection tools available both domestically & internationally, ensuring producers get fair payment through digital service providers (DSP), broadcasters & other users when their work is being used on public platforms. By collaborating with collecting societies at home & abroad, AGPP ensures a level playing field exists within international music industry allowing rightsholders continue creating quality content without fear or infringement on their property rights.


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