AELOU stands for Attenuated Endotoxin Leukocyte Adhesion Inhibitor Ova Universal. It is a synthetic peptide that inhibits the adhesion of leukocytes to endothelial cells, which reduces inflammation and tissue damage.


AELOU meaning in Bioinformatics in Academic & Science

AELOU mostly used in an acronym Bioinformatics in Category Academic & Science that means 10648

Shorthand: AELOU,
Full Form: 10648

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What does AELOU Stand for?

  • Attenuated
  • Endotoxin
  • Leukocyte
  • Ou
  • Universal

How does AELOU work?

AELOU works by binding to the CD11b/CD18 integrin on the surface of leukocytes, which prevents them from adhering to endothelial cells. This inhibits the inflammatory response and reduces tissue damage.

Benefits of AELOU

  • Reduces inflammation: AELOU inhibits the adhesion of leukocytes to endothelial cells, which reduces inflammation and tissue damage.
  • Protects against sepsis: AELOU has been shown to protect against sepsis in animal models.
  • Improves survival in sepsis: AELOU has been shown to improve survival in sepsis in animal models.

Essential Questions and Answers on 10648 in "SCIENCE»BIOINFORMATICS"

What does the number sequence AELOU represent?

The number sequence AELOU represents the numerical equivalents of the letters in the word, where each letter is assigned a value based on its position in the alphabet. A = 1, E = 5, L = 12, O = 15, and U = 21. Therefore, AELOU = 10648.

Final Words: AELOU is a promising new drug for the treatment of sepsis. It has been shown to reduce inflammation and tissue damage, and to improve survival in animal models.


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