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A stands for All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS). It is a group of autonomous public medical colleges of higher education and medical research located in various cities across India. AIIMS is considered one of the most prestigious medical institutions in the country and is known for its excellent medical education, research, and patient care.


A meaning in Institutes in Governmental

A mostly used in an acronym Institutes in Category Governmental that means All India Institute of Medical Sciences

Shorthand: A,
Full Form: All India Institute of Medical Sciences

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Full Form

The full form of A is All India Institute of Medical Sciences.


AIIMS is a government-run institution that is directly under the control of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India. It is not affiliated with any state government or university.

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What is AIIMS?

All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) is a group of autonomous public medical research universities in India. It was established in 1956 and is considered one of the most prestigious medical institutes in the country.

What are the different AIIMS branches?

There are currently 25 AIIMS branches located in various states across India. The main branch is located in New Delhi, and other prominent branches include AIIMS Bhopal, AIIMS Jodhpur, and AIIMS Patna. Each branch offers a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate medical programs.

What is the admission process for AIIMS?

Admission to AIIMS is highly competitive and is based on the All India Institute of Medical Sciences Entrance Examination (AIIMS MBBS). The exam is held once a year and is conducted by the National Testing Agency (NTA). Candidates must secure a high rank in the examination to be eligible for admission to the MBBS program.

What are the research facilities at AIIMS?

AIIMS is a leading center for medical research in India. It has state-of-the-art research facilities and collaborates with various national and international institutions. The institute conducts cutting-edge research in various fields of medicine, including cancer, cardiovascular diseases, and infectious diseases.

What are the career opportunities for AIIMS graduates?

AIIMS graduates have excellent career opportunities in both clinical practice and research. They can work as doctors, surgeons, specialists, and researchers in hospitals, clinics, and research institutions. Many AIIMS graduates also pursue higher studies and specialize in various medical fields.

Final Words: AIIMS plays a vital role in providing quality medical education, research, and healthcare services to the people of India. It is a symbol of excellence in the field of medicine and is committed to advancing medical knowledge and improving the health of the nation.


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