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JMMC Stellar Diameter Catalog (J) is a comprehensive database containing stellar diameters measured using interferometric techniques. This catalog provides precise and reliable information on the angular sizes of stars, which is crucial for understanding their physical properties.


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J mostly used in an acronym Unclassified in Category Miscellaneous that means JMMC Stellar Diameter Catalog

Shorthand: J,
Full Form: JMMC Stellar Diameter Catalog

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Key Points

  • Compilation: JMMC Stellar Diameter Catalog is a compilation of stellar diameter measurements obtained through various interferometric methods, including long-baseline interferometry and aperture masking interferometry.
  • Stars Included: The catalog encompasses a wide range of stars, from hot, massive O-type stars to cool, red M-type stars.
  • Accuracy: JMMC Stellar Diameter Catalog offers high-accuracy measurements, providing reliable estimates of stellar radii.
  • Applications: The data in this catalog have numerous applications in astrophysics, including stellar modeling, distance determinations, and studies of stellar variability.

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What is the JMMC Stellar Diameter Catalog?

The JMMC Stellar Diameter Catalog is a collection of stellar diameter measurements for over 1,000 stars. It was compiled by researchers at the Joint Astronomy Center on Mauna Kea, Hawaii, and published in 2012.

How were the stellar diameters measured?

The stellar diameters were measured using the Interferometric Method for Measuring Stellar Diameters (IMaDS) instrument on the Keck II telescope. IMaDS uses the principle of interferometry to measure the angular diameter of stars.

What is the accuracy of the stellar diameter measurements?

The accuracy of the stellar diameter measurements is typically 1-2%. This is sufficient to resolve the diameters of most stars, even those that are very small.

What are the applications of the JMMC Stellar Diameter Catalog?

The JMMC Stellar Diameter Catalog has a wide range of applications, including:

  • Determining the physical properties of stars, such as their mass, radius, and luminosity.
  • Studying the evolution of stars.
  • Identifying exoplanets.

Final Words: JMMC Stellar Diameter Catalog is an essential resource for astronomers and astrophysicists studying the physical properties of stars. Its accurate and comprehensive data have significantly contributed to our understanding of stellar structure and evolution.

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