The American Diploma Project (ADP) is an initiative spearheaded by Achieve, Inc., to ensure that all students across the United States are fully prepared for college and the workplace upon graduation from high school. It was launched in 2005 with the goal of closing the gap between high school graduates and employers' expectations for employees. The ADP seeks to increase college and career readiness through rigorous academic standards, improved assessments, and better alignment between expectations for high school graduation and those for college admission.


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What Does ADP Stand For?

The acronym ADP stands for "American Diploma Project".

What is the ADP?

The American Diploma Project (ADP) is a national effort led by Achieve, Inc., a nonprofit organization committed to education reform, to bridge the divide between secondary education and postsecondary success. The primary goal of the project is ensuring that all students across the United States graduate from high school academically prepared to succeed in college or a career-ready job. To accomplish this goal, states work together with research-based criteria to develop rigorous academic standards; more effective assessments aligned to these standards; and aligned expectations in secondary and postsecondary education institutions. Through these efforts states are better able to prepare their students for a successful transition from high school to postsecondary success.

How Does it Work

The American Diploma Project works on two fronts: firstly it is designed as a resource hub for educators who need guidance on academic standards, new assessments tools and strategies for engaging employers. The second aspect of the project involves working directly with state education agencies in order develop statewide policies that will help ensure all public school students graduate ready-to-succeed either at college or with a career-readiness job related skills set. This approach includes concrete strategies such as creating model course outlines that frame what students should know by graduation, instituting new assessment systems that measure higher levels of learning, identifying key employers who can help guide curricula development, linking more closely postsecondary admissions requirements with high school performance expectations, supporting professional development programs for both teachers and administrators; providing quality support services; and promoting equity across different sectors of society.

Benefits of Adopting ADP's Approach

Adopting the American Diploma Project’s approach provides multiple advantages including increased transparency between K12 education pathways and postsecondary success options; improved student engagement due more appropriate educational opportunities; enhanced employer engagement in helping shape educational priorities; better alignment among curriculum content used in secondary schools versus colleges/universities/careers thus increasing student preparation levels; easier access to necessary resources which support educators along their efforts towards teaching highly skilled labor force material; increased collaboration among state departments responsible for K12 standards setting as well as those involved with universities level courses; enhanced transparency among departments of educations due reduction of unnecessary bureaucracy while addressing student needs accordingly.

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What is the American Diploma Project?

The American Diploma Project (ADP) is a national initiative launched in 2005 to improve readiness for college and careers among high school graduates. The initiative focuses on helping states and districts develop policies, practices and tools to ensure that all students graduate from high school with the academic skills they need to succeed in college and the workplace.

Who launches the American Diploma Project?

The ADP was launched by Achieve, Inc., a national nonprofit organization working to increase academic standards and graduate rates, in partnership with several leading organizations.

What are the goals of the American Diploma Project?

The primary goal of the ADP is to help states create higher standards for their high schools so that students can successfully transition into higher education or meaningful employment after graduation. To achieve this goal, ADP promotes collaboration among educators, policy makers, employers and student advocates.

What are some specific objectives of the American Diploma Project?

Some specific objectives of the ADP include improving equity in educational opportunities regardless of race or socioeconomic status, providing effective supports for struggling students, engaging families more effectively in student success, developing strong communication systems among secondary schools and postsecondary institutions, sharing best practices across states regarding diploma requirements and aligning teacher preparation programs with college-readiness expectations.

How does the American Diploma Project work?

Through its network of state partners spread across more than 30 states, the ADP supports coordinated efforts to increase college readiness by identifying successful strategies; initiating reform conversations between district leaders; building capacity at local levels through technical assistance; creating stronger communication networks across secondary schools and postsecondary institutions; aligning teacher preparation programs with university-level expectations; engaging employers in skill development; tracking progress via improved data systems; disseminating research findings; and administering grant funds where needed. Additionally, ADP provides resources such as toolkits for educators on topics like increasing rigor in high school curriculum or creating stronger ties between school districts and universities.

What resources does the American Diploma Project provide?

In an effort to support its state partnerships in their quest for higher college readiness standards among high school graduates, ADP provides various resources such as webinars, conferences/summits/trainings focused on curriculum improvement or strengthening advocacy efforts around raising achievement levels at the secondary level. Online materials include toolkits about improving course offerings or increasing engagement with students’ families as well as research studies related to best practices when implementing diploma requirements or recruiting quality teachers who emphasize college readiness among their students.

Is there funding available through the American Diploma Project?

Yes – while most of ADP's work focuses on providing technical assistance rather than offering grants directly to participating states/districts/schools/organizations, it does seek proposals from state partners who are ready to accelerate their efforts towards a better educated workforce ready for life after high school graduation. Through these grants (funded by both private sector donors as well as federal government agencies), recipients receive direct financial support along with access to additional resources such as online research reports or professional training workshops addressing degree attainment issues.

How have states benefited from joining forces with the American Diploma Project?

Participating states have reported significant progress over time due to increased collaboration within their educational communities on how best to strengthen diploma requirements so that graduating students possess foundational skills needed for success in postsecondary settings regardless of future career paths chosen. Increasingly reliable data systems have enabled states to track student progress much more closely so that areas requiring improvement can be identified quickly thus preventing any lengthy delays when responding appropriately.

Final Words:
In conclusion, adopting the American Diploma Project’s approach provides many benefits towards ensuring that all U.S public school graduates are ready to succeed either at college or in workforce related positions requiring specialized knowledge or skills sets. By bringing together stakeholders from different sectors such as researchers, academics, administrators and employers ADP offers an opportunity to create systemic change at multiple levels leading towards plausibly measurable goals such as increased readiness amongst graduating seniors regardless of socio-economic backgrounds.

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