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ADSF stands for Albanian Dance Sport Federation. It is the national sports governing body that regulates and oversees all dance sport activities in Albania. The organization was founded on June 12th, 2004 and is situated in Tirana, the capital of Albania. ADSF aims to promote dance sport and maintain standards of competition, as well as support and develop the popular dancesport events held throughout the country.


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ADSF mostly used in an acronym Federation in Category Governmental that means Albanian Dance Sport Federation

Shorthand: ADSF,
Full Form: Albanian Dance Sport Federation

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ADSF stands for Albanian Dance Sport Federation which is responsible for promoting the development of dance sport throughout Albania. It provides resources to support, foster and educate its members so that they can actively participate in high-level competitions and performances both at home and abroad. ADSF also organize regular training sessions with coaches from different countries to help improve technical aspects of dance sport such as technique, choreography, execution, etc. Furthermore, the organization offers seminars and workshops to encourage more people to take up this form of physical activity.


The key objectives of ADSF are to establish safe environments where individuals can practice their craft with well-structured regulations; ensure fair competitions based on international standards; provide educational resources such as training courses to ensure dancers reach their maximum potential; create opportunities for athletes to showcase their achievements; foster unity amongst clubs; provide resources for clubs so they can stage successful events; host international tournaments that feature talented athletes from around the world.

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What is Albanian Dance Sport Federation (ADSF)?

ADSF is the national governing body for all Ballroom and Latin dancing in Macedonia. This not-for-profit organization aims to recognize, promote, and develop the sport of ballroom and latin dance in Macedonia. ADSF also organizes various competitions, events, and qualifying rounds throughout the year to develop and further promote the sport.

Does ADSF have specific membership requirements?

Yes. Any person or organization with an interest in dance may adopt the ADSF mission statement as their own, become members of ADSF, and take part in any activities organized by the federation. To join either as a student or professional dancer, you must attend at least three events/competitions sanctioned by the Federation. For organizations registering with the Federation are required to fill out an application form with proof of their legal status.

What type of events does ADSF organize?

ADSF organizes several different types of events including but not limited to competitions, workshops, exhibitions, seminars, etc. Some major competitive events include Balkan Championship Series (BCS), National Open Championships (NOC), World Series Cup (WSC) etc., while workshops focus on improving technique levels within different dance genres along with higher level artistical components such as footwork or artistry in a particular dance style.

Are there any age restrictions for those who want to participate in ADSF related activities?

No, age is not a restriction when it comes to participation in activities related to AIRSF. We welcome everyone regardless of age.

How can someone qualify for WSC (World Series Cup) through ADSF?

The World Series Cup will be conducted once per year with two divisions – Professional & Amateur. Qualifying rounds begin from various regional open championships throughout Albania followed by National Open Championships where participants compete based on given criteria set by federation rules and regulations prior to event date.

Does ADSF have some sort of ranking system?

Yes!Dancers who regularly participate in competitions held by ACSDF may receive a numerical ranking depending on results achieved in each competition following its aforementioned regulations. Generally speaking scores range from 1st place down further towards 8th place.?

Is there any possibility for international dancers/organizations become affiliated/registered member with Adsf?

Yes! International dancers/organizations may register/affiliate themselves with Adsf provided that they meet all necessary criteria set forth in terms of requirements from both national & international accrediting bodies respectively.

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The Albanian Dance Sport Federation strives to bring the best out of athletes by providing them with a platform where they can showcase their skills in front of an audience that yearns for excellence in dance sports. By homing quality staff members who are committed towards advancing this genre's health industry, ADSF has provided an avenue where newbies could learn alongside professionals who strive enhance their repertoire with cutting edge techniques.

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