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The Alberta Association of Therapeutic Masseurs (AATM) is a professional organization based in Alberta, Canada. It was founded to support and grow the profession of therapeutic massage in this province. The AATM fosters an environment of collaboration and education through seminars, workshops and events for its members. It also works hard to ensure that the standards for therapeutic massage remain high throughout the province, providing a safe and effective treatment for those seeking relief from pain, stiffness or stress.


AATM meaning in Therapeutics in Medical

AATM mostly used in an acronym Therapeutics in Category Medical that means Alberta Association of Therapeutic Masseurs

Shorthand: AATM,
Full Form: Alberta Association of Therapeutic Masseurs

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What They Do

The AATM supports professional development amongst its members by offering educational programs such as certification courses and workshops; hosting conferences where members can learn new techniques; providing continuing education opportunities to help keep their skills sharp; advocating on behalf of members in regulatory matters; networking with other professionals; and much more. It is also a great resource for those looking to find a qualified therapeutic masseur in their area. The organization also seeks to raise public awareness about the benefits of therapeutic massage, so that more people are aware of this healing modality and may seek it out for themselves when appropriate. The AATM's website provides comprehensive information about the profession, making it easier for those who are interested in learning more about it.

Essential Questions and Answers on Alberta Association of Therapeutic Masseurs in "MEDICAL»THERAPEUTICS"

What is the Alberta Association of Therapeutic Masseurs?

The AATM is a professional association of certified massage therapists in Alberta, Canada. Our mission is to ensure quality massage therapy practice and promote the highest standards of professional excellence among our members.

What are the benefits of joining AATM?

Joining AATM provides members with numerous exclusive benefits including continuing education opportunities, access to exclusive services and discounts, networking opportunities, access to member-only resources, and more.

Who can become a member of AATM?

Any registered massage therapist (RMT) in Alberta may join the AATM and take advantage of our extensive services and programs. Membership fees are based on individual qualifications.

How do I apply for membership with the AATM?

To apply for membership, simply complete an online application form on our website. You will need to provide proof of your RMT registration in Alberta as part of the application process.

Is there a fee for joining or renewing my membership with AATM?

Yes, there is a fee for both joining and renewing your membership with us. Please visit our website for more information about our current fee structure.

Does being a member of AATM help me get licensed as an RMT in Alberta?

Becoming a member of the AATM does not guarantee that you will be licensed as an RMT in Alberta; however, we provide valuable resources that can help you meet all requirements necessary to apply for licensure in this province.

What is the scope of practice for Registered Massage Therapists (RMTs) in Alberta?

The scope of practice for all RMTs in this province is established by legislation within provincial law; it includes assessment techniques related to muscle strength, flexibility and joint range motion; soft tissue manipulation using manual techniques such as massage; therapeutic exercise adapted specifically to clients' needs; hydrotherapy modalities such as hot packs or cold compresses; health promotion advice related to nutrition, lifestyle modification or stress relief; patient education related to specific health concerns; referral to other professionals when necessary; and documentation related to care provided at each visit.

Who can provide clinical supervision hours required by RMTs seeking licensure in Alberta?

Clinical supervision hours required by RMTs seeking licensure may be provided by an approved supervisor who has completed the required qualifications outlined at www.clinicalsupesionabca/en/. All supervisors must also be registered with their respective regulatory college or body before they can begin providing clinical supervision hours.

Final Words:
By joining forces with one another, the members of the Alberta Association of Therapeutic Masseurs work together to promote this important self-care practice. Through their collaborative efforts they strive to keep high standards alive within therapeutic massage, helping people across Alberta receive optimal care when seeking relief from pain or stress related symptoms.


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