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Annie Besant is a name that stands out in the history of the Indian struggle for freedom. She was an activist, writer, lecturer and leader who worked tirelessly to ensure India’s independence from Britain. She actively wrote, campaigned and organized rallies to spread awareness against the oppressive British rule in India. For her contributions to the Indian freedom movement, Annie Besant became known as one of the prominent faces of Indian nationalism. The abbreviation 'AB' is often used as another way of referring to this influential figure, meaning Annie Besant


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Shorthand: AB,
Full Form: Annie Besant

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Who Was Annie Besant?

Annie Besant was a British socialist, theosophist, women's rights activist, writer and speaker. She was born in London in 1847 and spent much of her life in India. Besant was an advocate for Irish and Indian self-rule. She wrote on theology, history and social reform and was influential in the fields of education, birth control and union organization.

Why is Annie Besant Famous?

Annie Besant is most famous for being a proponent of theosophy, a spiritual movement that attempted to combine Hinduism and Buddhism with Western philosophy. Besant was involved with many organizations during her life, including the Fabian Society, National Secular Society, Central Hindu College and the Indian Home Rule League. In 1917 she became President of the Theosophical Society Adyar becoming one of its most influential figures.

What did Annie Besant Accomplish?

During her lifetime Annies Besant accomplished many things including founding Central Hindu School in 1898 which later grew into Benares Hindu University. She also established three branches of the Theosophical Society at Bengaluru (Bangalore), Madras (Chennai) and Bombay (Mumbai). Additionally she became president of Indian National Congress in 1917 and strove to improve education for girls in India.

What Causes Did Annie Besant Advocate For?

Annie Besant advocated for causes such as Home Rule Movement for India that supported political autonomy from Britain rather than complete independence. She also championed liberation from societal constraints especially regarding sexual morality through birth control and women’s right movements while leading efforts to reduce child marriage..

What Organizations Did Annie Besant Establish?

Annie Besant established several organizations throughout her career including Central Hindu College which later grew into Benares Hindu University as well as branches of Theosophical society at Bengaluru (Bangalore), Madras (Chennai) and Bombay (Mumbai).

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