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As previously noted, 4RM is an acronym for “Four Room.” This term is usually used to refer to a residential flat or apartment that includes four main rooms – a living room, kitchen, master bedroom, and one other bedroom – as well as one or more bathrooms. Other features may include utility spaces such as laundry rooms and service yards.


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4RM mostly used in an acronym Housing & Amenities in Category Community that means Four Room

Shorthand: 4RM,
Full Form: Four Room

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What Does 4RM Stand For?

Features of a 4RM Flat:A 4RM flat typically has between 500-700 square feet of livable space. It will have four distinct rooms that function independently from each other: the living room (where family members gather to relax and entertain visitors); the kitchen (typically equipped with essential appliances like a gas range and washing machine); the master bedroom (which is larger than the other bedrooms); and a smaller second bedroom which can act as a guestroom or study space. The size of these rooms will vary depending on the model and variation of the flat being viewed. In some cases there may also be common areas for shared use such as balconies or void decks where tenants can congregate and socialize with others in their community.

Benefits of Living in a 4RM Flat:Living in a 4RM flat offers several advantages over larger residences such as condos or private houses. One notable benefit is cost savings; due its smaller size compared to larger residences, it often comes with lower rent prices which can make it easier for tenants who are looking for affordable accommodation without sacrificing quality living spaces or facilities nearby. Additionally, since it only requires four main rooms - instead of five or more - furniture costs may be significantly reduced since fewer items will be necessary to furnish each area. Moreover, its compact design ensures that all areas are very close together which makes it easy to navigate through without having to go down long hallways or up many stairs if necessary; this makes it ideal for small families with young children who need easy access within their home quickly when needed!

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What is Four Room?

Four Room is an apartment rental marketplace that connects renters with landlords. We make finding a home easy and convenient, allowing you to rent the perfect place without the hassle.

How does Four Room work?

You can search for rentals, view properties on our website or app, and contact landlords directly through our messaging system. We provide a safe and secure platform for renters to find their ideal living space easily and quickly.

Can I filter my search by specific criteria?

Yes! Our search feature allows you to refine your search by location, size of home, rent amount, amenities, and more.

How do I contact a landlord through Four Room?

Once you find a property that interests you, simply click on the Contact button located within the listing page. From there you will be able to send your message directly to the landlord.

Does Four Room charge a fee for its services?

No! Our services are completely free of charge for both renters and landlords.

Is it necessary to register in order to use Four Room’s services?

No registration is required for prospective tenants; however landlords must register in order to list available properties and access other features such as online application forms.

How do I apply for a rental property listed on Four Room?

After finding the perfect place, simply click on the Apply Now button located in each listing page and complete our online application form with all relevant information including your name, contact details, income information etc. This will be sent securely directly to your chosen landlord who will review it before getting back in touch with you about next steps.


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