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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym NASA. All abbreviations on this page are != means Warning Equal, $#!* means We Have a Problem, (H) means Hazardous (Task Classification), (S) means Safe (Task Classification), 0G means Zero Gravity, 10T means 1 0 Tea, 2GRLV means 2nd Generation Return to Launch Vehicle, 2IC means Second In Command, 2MASS means Two Micron All-Sky Survey, 2STO means Two Stage To Orbit, 3AAL means Three Axis Acoustic Levitator, 3C means Command, Control, and Checkout, 8A means Minority-owned or other Disadvantaged Business, 920RQG means 920th Rescue Group, A means Acceleration, A means Aft, A means Alpha, A means Ampere, A means Analog signal, A means Angstrom,

!=Warning Equal. List Of !=
$#!*We Have a Problem. List Of $#!*
(H)Hazardous (Task Classification). List Of (H)
(S)Safe (Task Classification). List Of (S)
0GZero Gravity. List Of 0G
10T1 0 Tea. List Of 10T
2GRLV2nd Generation Return to Launch Vehicle. List Of 2GRLV
2ICSecond In Command. List Of 2IC
2MASSTwo Micron All-Sky Survey. List Of 2MASS
2STOTwo Stage To Orbit. List Of 2STO
3AALThree Axis Acoustic Levitator. List Of 3AAL
3CCommand, Control, and Checkout. List Of 3C
8AMinority-owned or other Disadvantaged Business. List Of 8A
920RQG920th Rescue Group. List Of 920RQG
AAcceleration. List Of A
AAft. List Of A
AAlpha. List Of A
AAmpere. List Of A
AAnalog signal. List Of A
AAngstrom. List Of A

Some Questions about acronyms:

What is an acronym?

An acronym is a word or phrase made up of the first letters of a series of words, with the first letter of each word capitalized.

What are some examples of acronyms in "NASA"?

Some examples of acronyms are LIST OF !=, LIST OF $#!*, LIST OF (H), LIST OF (S), LIST OF 0G, LIST OF 10T, LIST OF 2GRLV, LIST OF 2IC, LIST OF 2MASS, LIST OF 2STO.

How are acronyms created?

Acronyms are created by taking the first letter of each word in a phrase and combining them to spell a word (for example, the acronym "radar" is created from the phrase "radio detecting and ranging").

How are acronyms different from initialism?

Acronyms are different from initialism in that they are pronounced as words. For example, AIDS is an acronym for acquired immune deficiency syndrome.

What is the difference between an acronym and an abbreviation?

An acronym is an abbreviation that is pronounced as a word, such as NASA. An abbreviation is a shortened form of a word, such as Mr. for Mister.

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