The Academy of Certified Case Managers (ACCM) is a professional membership organization that is dedicated to empowering case managers to provide quality patient care. This organization provides educational resources, advocacy initiatives, and professional development programs to its members to ensure they are providing the best care possible to their patients. ACCM offers certification and credentialing programs in case management as well as continuing education opportunities for active and retired case managers.


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Shorthand: ACCM,
Full Form: Academy of Certified Case Managers

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What ACCM Does

The Academy of Certified Case Managers' primary goal is to advance the field of case management through education, advocacy, and research. This organization offers resources and programs that can help strengthen the knowledge, skills, and abilities of its members. For instance, they offer courses that can help prepare candidates for certification or recertification exams as well as ongoing continuing education opportunities for maintaining certification status. Additionally, ACCM advocates on behalf of case managers to promote their expertise within the health care system and works with other organizations to drive change in policies related to patient outcomes and quality of care. The academy also works with partners in industry, government agencies, health plans, providers, and employers to develop standards for practice best-practices initiatives regarding national health policies pertaining to case management services. Furthermore, ACCM supports research efforts aimed at developing evidence-based strategies that will help improve the overall quality of patient care ensuring optimum outcomes and cost effectiveness throughout the healthcare system.

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What is the Academy of Certified Case Managers?

The Academy of Certified Case Managers (ACCM) is a professional organization dedicated to promoting quality case management services and advocating for the advancement of case management practice. This includes providing continuing education, certification, research and other resources to members and the health care community.

What are the benefits of joining ACCM?

Joining ACCM provides access to important resources such as continuing education in accredited courses, professional development resources, research and practice updates, networking events with fellow case managers, advocacy opportunities on key issues impacting case management professions, and much more.

How can I become a member of ACCM?

To become a member of ACCM you need to be an active practicing case manager or have at least 3 years of experience in a related field in health care. You then need to complete an application form that contains information about your education and work experience. Once your application is approved you will become a member.

What types of certifications does ACCM offer?

ACCM offers two certifications for qualified applicants; Certified Professional Case Manager (CPCM) and Certified Master Social Worker — Advanced Clinical Practitioner (CMSW-ACP). Both are awarded based on meeting eligibility requirements as well as passing an exam that tests knowledge base on applicable topics in case management practice.

Are there any prerequisites to apply for ACCM's certification exams?

Yes, there are some eligibility requirements which must be fulfilled before applying for either CPCM or CMSW-ACP exams offered by ACCM. Applicants must meet certain educational background requirements and have completed certain educational course or program hours relevant to the certification being sought out. For more detailed information candidates should visit accmcertification.org to review the details outlined behind each type of exam requirement.

Is there any age restriction for taking the Certification Exams from ACCM?

No, there is no age restriction for taking the certification exams offered by ACCM. All applicants who meet eligibility criteria for either CPCM or CMSW-ACP shall be allowed to take the respective exam without any age limit in place.

How often do I need to renew my membership with ACCM?

Active memberships with ACCM are valid for one year from date issued with fees due prior each year renewal date regardless if all benefits available with membership were fully utilized during prior term or not.

Does my Certification expire after some time period?

Yes, once certified through either CPCM or CMSW-ACP programs offered by ACCM one may maintain their credentialing status through performing ongoing activities such as completing approved continuing education courses designed specifically towards credentials held as well as renewal fee paid timely on annual basis.

Final Words:
The Academy of Certified Case Managers strives hard every day for excellence in patient care by providing access to invaluable resources like educational materials, certifications/credentialing programs, continuing education opportunities, advocacy initiatives for changing healthcare policy all geared towards ensuring better outcomes for everyone involved in the healthcare process from patients themselves all the way up top healthcare administrators. With this commitment towards quality improvement across all levels of medical service delivery, ACCM remains an indispensable asset in today's ever increasing complex healthcare landscape.


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