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AIDS Community Care Montreal (ACCM) is a non-profit, charitable foundation devoted to providing community-based care and support services to individuals affected by HIV/AIDS in and around the city of Montreal. Founded in 1987, it is one of the longest running organizations of its kind in Canada. With a highly trained staff, including doctors, social workers and volunteers, ACCM provides essential services such as home care visits and hospital accompaniments, as well as a wide range of programs aimed at promoting positive well-being among those affected by HIV/AIDS. Through access to comprehensive medical care and psychosocial support, ACCM strives to improve quality of life for people living with HIV/AIDS.


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ACCM mostly used in an acronym Community in Category Community that means AIDS Community Care Montreal

Shorthand: ACCM,
Full Form: AIDS Community Care Montreal

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What services does ACCM provide?

ACCM provides a range of services designed to support the physical and mental well-being of people living with HIV. These services include primary care and clinical case management, community-based emotional support, social and recreational activities and educational programming.

Who can access ACCM's services?

All adult HIV+ individuals are eligible for our services regardless of their language, race/ethnicity or country of origin.

Can I request a specific provider at ACCM?

We cannot guarantee that you will be able to work with a specific provider as we strive to provide the best possible care to all clients based on availability. However, you may discuss your preferences during your intake appointment.

Does ACCM offer assistance in finding housing?

Yes, we have a Housing Support team dedicated to helping our clients find stable housing. This team provides referrals for subsidized housing programs, arranges for temporary accommodation when necessary, assists with rental applications and mediates disputes between tenants and landlords.

Is there financial support available through ACCM?

Yes we have a Financial Assistance program which provides financial assistance for things like rent deposits, dental care and prescription medications. Eligibility criteria applies so please speak with an ACCM staff member if you would like more information about this program.

Does ACCM offer prenatal care?

Yes! We have experienced midwives that provide prenatal support throughout the pregnancy journey. This includes educational classes on childbirth preparation, nutrition counseling and breastfeeding guidance as well as providing access to home visits after delivery.

Is transportation provided by ACCM?

We do not provide transportation directly but we have links with external organizations that can help fund transportation to/from medical appointments or social activities if needed.* [*(this must be confirmed by an Intake Worker)].

Final Words:
ACCM is committed to providing those living with HIV/AIDS with access to quality health care and much needed emotional and practical support services. Their vision is for everyone living with or caring for someone living with HIV/AIDS in Montreal to have the opportunity to experience improved well-being through access to programs that can meet their individual needs. By building on their 30 years of dedication to this cause, ACCM continues its mission to help make lives better for those affected by HIV/AIDS in their community.


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