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AAF stands for the Association des Archivistes Français, which is an organization that seeks to promote and improve archival science in France. It was founded in 1923 with the aim of ensuring that archives were preserved, organized, and made accessible to the public. This organization is composed of professional archivists as well as others who are interested in preserving archives, such as historians, librarians and educators.


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AAF mostly used in an acronym Societies in Category Academic & Science that means Association des Archivistes Français

Shorthand: AAF,
Full Form: Association des Archivistes Français

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Benefits of Membership

By becoming a member of the Association des Archivistes Français (AAF), individuals can take advantage of many benefits including discounts on workshops and conferences organized by AAF members or sponsored by the association itself. Additionally, members have access to newsletters published by AAF containing news about current reviews regarding archival matters in France as well as updates on new techniques used in associated fields of research. Furthermore, members are eligible for privileged access to resources such as publications from other members or experts who publish information about relevant topics through AAF networks.

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What is the Association des Archivistes Français?

The Association des Archivistes Français (AAF) is a professional grouping devoted to the preservation of archives in France. It is made up of both archivists and non-archivists who are committed to safeguarding French cultural heritage. Its primary aim is to support and enhance the work of its members in their respective positions within archives, libraries and other institutions dedicated to archive preservation.

What activities does the Association des Archivistes Français promote?

The AAF runs various activities related to the promotion, outreach and development of French archive services and collections. These include educational events and seminars, conferences, professional meetings, exchanges of knowledge and expertise, publications, research initiatives, interlibrary cooperation programs, and much more.

Who can join the Association des Archivistes Français?

All professionals involved in archival preservation including archivists, librarians, conservators, curators and others working in museums or similar disciplines are welcome to join the AAF. Similarly academics with an interest in French archives as well as members of cultural groups with common goals may also become members.

What benefits do members receive from joining the Association des Archivistes Français?

Members benefit from being part of a network of people working towards a shared goal of preserving French archives for future generations. They can attend conferences sponsored by the AAF that provide opportunities for dialogue between experts in various fields related to archives as well as access certain resources such as digital databases. They also gain access to specialized journals related to archival preservation and membership discounts for attending conferences organized by AAF partners around Europe.

What type of publications does the Association des Archivistes Français produce?

The AAF produces a variety of publications surrounding topics related to archival studies such as its quarterly magazine 'Revue Archives' as well as special editions on relevant topics such as 'Les Cahiers de l'Archiviste' which provides detailed overviews on specific areas related to archival science.

How often does the Association des Archivistes Français meet?

The AAF holds general assemblies twice a year with regular committee meetings in between which allows members keep up-to-date with current developments within their profession or field of study whilst establishing new collaborative initiatives with partner institutions across Europe.

How does one become eligible for awards given out by the AAF?

The AAF grants several awards each year recognizing individuals who have shown outstanding achievement within either academic or applied research related to preserving French culture heritage through archive work including essays or original contributions concerning either archival theory or practice proven successful in advancing scholarship or practice within this sector.

Does your membership at the Association des Archivistes Français come with additional benefits apart form access resources?

Yes! Membership includes all sorts of exclusive advantages such as discounted access fees for many conferences hosted by international organizations collaborating with AAF; invitations to special events such as exhibitions sponsored by AFA; priority selection when submitting candidacies for training sessions promoted by this association; exclusive offers tailored especially for our members; first-hand information about new job openings within this sector; networking opportunities both inside France and abroad.

Final Words:
The Association des Archivistes Français is an important body that promotes and supports the field of archival science in France. Not only does it provide education opportunities through workshops and conferences but it also works towards developing standards for professionals working with archives. Membership also offers numerous advantages including discounts on activities organised by AAF members or sponsored by the association itself as well as privileged access to resource material published by experts within their networks.

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