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The Asian Archery Federation (AAF) is the leading international governing body for the sport of archery in Asia. It is dedicated to promoting and developing the sport of archery both regionally and globally. Established in 1977, it has grown to become an integral part of the Olympic Movement and includes members from over 50 countries across Asia. With a combined population of over 3 billion people, AAF serves as a unifying force to ensure the highest standards of performance, safety, and efficiency in all facets of archery competition. By focusing on athlete development, education, international events, and public outreach activities AAF strives to promote archery's growth at all levels throughout Asia.


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AAF mostly used in an acronym Federation in Category Governmental that means Asian Archery Federation

Shorthand: AAF,
Full Form: Asian Archery Federation

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What is the Asian Archery Federation?

The Asian Archery Federation (AAF) is an international organisation dedicated to promoting and developing archery throughout Asia. It hosts tournaments and events that encourage athletic excellence of its members, while also serving as the governing body for archery in Asia.

How old is the Asian Archery Federation?

The AAF was founded in 1965, making it over 55 years old.

Does the Asian Archery Federation have any responsibilities?

Yes, the AAF has several important responsibilities including organising official competitions in archery, creating fair standards for judging competitions, supporting member associations to grow the sport of archery within their countries, and providing training services.

What territories does the Asian Archery Federation cover?

The AAF covers much of Asia including East Asia, Central Asia, South & Southeast Asia, West & South West Asia and Oceania/Pacific.

Who are some well-known archers affiliated with the Asian Archery Federation?

Some prominent archers associated with the AAF include Kim Woojin (South Korea), Ku Bonchan (Korea), Hye Jin Choi (Korea), Rishad Khan (Bangladesh), Deepika Kumari (India), Chang Hye Jin (Korea), Jeson Rediana (Indonesia) and Myung Nam Ji(Korea).

What kind of events does the Asian Archery Federation host?

The AAF hosts numerous events such as world championships, World Cups and Grand Prix tournaments every year. These events allow talented archers from around Asia to showcase their skills on a global stage.

Are there any awards associated with being a member of the Asian Archery Federation?

Yes! Archers that participate in qualifying tournaments may receive medals or trophies for their efforts at each event. Additionally, each year one male and one female athlete are awarded distinguished titles such as ‘Archer of the Year' or ‘Youngest Star'.

Is there a role for volunteers at the Asian Archery Federation?

Absolutely! The AAF organises various vocational opportunities such as referee seminars or competition judges courses enabling people to volunteer their time to help develop local competitions. Volunteers are essential to help uphold fairness when running tournaments, administering rules and operating equipment like bows and arrows safely.

How does one become affiliated with members of the Asian Archery Federation?

An individual could join their national federation by enrolling with them directly or by participating in sanctioned tournaments held by your country's federation who can later approve membership applications to participate in international events hosted by other member nations of the AAF Under-age Archers Program.

Does joining a national federation give me access to regional activities run by teams under Asian Archery Federation?

, Joining your national team gives you access not only to regional activities but also international competitions which have been approved by your nation's team as well as those listed on www.aafarchery.org

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