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Athens Line is an international shipping company specializing in customized freight solutions. Founded in 1985, Athens Line has been providing reliable, efficient and cost-effective services to customers worldwide for over 30 years. Based in Piraeus, Greece, Athens Line offers a wide variety of transportation options to meet individual customer needs. From daily cargo shipments and containerized ocean freight services to cross-border trucking and airfreight solutions, Athens Line is your one-stop shop for all your logistics and transportation needs.


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ABR mostly used in an acronym Railroads in Category Regional that means Athens Line

Shorthand: ABR,
Full Form: Athens Line

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What is the Athens Line?

The Athens Line is a public transportation system that serves the city of Athens and its surrounding areas. It operates busses, trolleys, and trams covering over 200 kilometers of roads and providing access to tourist attractions, educational institutions and businesses in the area.

How much does it cost to travel on the Athens Line?

The cost of traveling on the Athens Line depends on a variety of factors such as your starting point, final destination, age group and whether or not you require a ticket for discounts. Generally speaking, single-ride tickets are priced between €1 - €1.80 while day passes range from €4 - €7.50.

What hours of service does the Athens Line offer?

The Athens Line offers daily services from 5am to 11pm with most bus routes operating until midnight. Trolleys usually run from 6am to 10pm while trams run slightly longer hours stretching until 11pm.

Are there any special fares or discounts available when using the Athens Line?

Yes! For instance, children under 6 years old can ride free while those aged 6-17 receive 50% off regular fares when they present their student ID cards upon purchase and senior citizens enjoy a whopping 75% discount on their tickets. Additionally, special discounted tickets are also provided to disabled persons each month.

How do I pay for my trip on the Athens Line?

You can purchase tickets directly through machines located near each bus stop using cash or credit card and occasionally even via mobile phone apps such as TraXplorer or Smart Ticketing Platform (STP). We recommend purchasing your tickets beforehand as boarding without one might incur an additional 500 euro fine.

Where can I find more information about routes for the Athens Line?

You can check timetables for individual routes here at our website by selecting “Schedules & Routes” from under our Services tab which will contain all relevant information regarding route descriptions and timetables for buses, trolleys and trams operated by the line. Alternatively, you may call our customer service center at +30 21 0999 2222 where our friendly staff will be able to assit you further with your inquiry.

Can I bring my bike or pet onboard an Athens Line vehicle?

Unfortunately no pets are allowed onboard except trained guide dogs but bicycles are allowed free of charge provided that they do not obstruct passengers' access into or out of aisleways. However it is always best practice to check with station agents prior to your journey in order confirm if there is space onboard.

Does the Athen's line offer any special services for person with disabilities?

Yes we do! Our fleet is designed to provide easy access for wheelchair users equipped with ramps at designated stops allowing for safe boarding and disembarkation onto our vehicles as well as extra seating spaces throughout your ride ensuring comfortable accessibility whenever possible.

Is there an app available that provides real-time updates regarding delays or changes in route times on the Athen's line?

Yes! We recently launched ‘Athens Time' — a mobile application dedicated towards providing up-to-the-minute traffic arrival times offering enhanced convenience for commuters so that you never miss your bus ever again!

Final Words:
Athens Line (ATHL) is a trusted provider of global shipping services with over three decades of experience in the industry. While specializing in customized freight solutions, they offer a full range of logistics and transportation options — from daily cargo shipments to airfreight solutions — so customers can find the right solution to fit any need or budget. No matter where you are located or what type of goods you are transporting, Athens Line will deliver reliable service at an affordable price.

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