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Acronyms are often used in medicine to make it easier to discuss the field with colleagues, peers and partners. The American Board of Radiology (ABR) is an organization that provides a certification program for specialists in diagnostic radiology and radiation oncology. This article will provide an overview of the ABR, its mission, and certificate programs it offers.


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ABR mostly used in an acronym Laboratory in Category Medical that means American Board of Radiology

Shorthand: ABR,
Full Form: American Board of Radiology

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What services does the ABR offer? The ABR offers two main certifications

Diagnostic Radiology (DR) Certification and Radiation Oncology (RO) Certification. certificants must meet certain requirements set by the board such as completing residency training, passing written exams, participating in Procedural Skills Examinations (PSE), and mandatory continuing medical education courses before they can be certified. In addition to these certificates, the board also provides ongoing support through webinars, lectures, and educational materials on current topics related to radiologic sciences.

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What is the American Board of Radiology?

The American Board of Radiology (ABR) is a non-profit, independent medical association that provides certification for physicians specializing in radiology and radiation oncology in the United States. It ensures that specialists are knowledgeable and competent in order to ensure patient safety and care.

How do I become board-certified by the ABR?

You must first complete an accredited residency program with at least one year of clinical training in either radiology or radiation oncology. Then you must take and pass both the Core Examination and Specialty Examination. After that, you can apply for certification with the ABR here: https://www.theabr.org/apply/.

What is an ABR Core Examination?

The Core Examination is a comprehensive exam designed to assess fundamental knowledge of all areas related to medical imaging, radiation therapy, nuclear medicine, and interventional radiology modalities. It is administered online over two days, with each day containing 166 multiple choice questions.

How often do I need to renew my ABR certification?

Your certification must be renewed every 10 years through maintenance of certification (MOC) activities which include continuing education activities and evaluation modules such as practice performance assessments or patient satisfaction surveys.

How many MOC points do I need to maintain my certification?

You must obtain at least 100 MOC points during each ten-year period following initial certification or recertification. Points are obtained by completing specific educational activities such as participating in conferences, reading online articles or textbooks, taking courses, attending lectures, writing essays etc.

Is there a fee associated with obtaining or maintaining certification?

Yes, there is an initial application fee when you apply for your initial ABR examination as well as annual maintenance fees when your renewal period begins each year thereafter.

Do I need to pass any examinations after obtaining my initial ABR Certification?

Yes, within 5 years from your certificate date you must complete re-examination requirements consisting of 24 hours of approved activities in accordance with continuing education requirements provided by the ABR assessment components program (APRP).

: Are there any additional resources available from the ABR?

Yes! On their website https://www.theabr.org/, they have outlines for each CME activity accepted by the board along with case based study materials to help prepare you for exams and keep up on relevant developments in radiology or radiation oncology fields.

: Does the board provide any online proctoring services for exams?

Yes! The board provides examination proctoring services whereby qualified proctors monitor examinees during computerized online examinations via webcam using remote proctor software called Proctortrack.

:Does the board offer any networking opportunities?

Yes! Through their membership directory one can locate fellow professionals who share common interests across all fields related to radiology or radiation oncology where collaboration and brainstorming are possible.

Final Words:
The American Board of Radiology is dedicated to providing quality healthcare through its certification program for specialists in diagnostic radiology and radiation oncology. Its mission is to provide high standards for physicians practicing radiologic sciences through education programs and resources designed to help certificants stay up-to-date on best practices in their field. By obtaining certification from this prestigious organization, radiologists can demonstrate their commitment to providing quality care and remain competitive in the job market.

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